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There is no such thing as luck. Only God’s timing and proper use of free will

Free yourself

From the bonds of attachments to objects and desires…

That weigh heavy on our hearts as we struggle to find the meaning of existence. Struggle to find our purpose.

Have you been told you can’t? Don’t you feel them watching your every move… to document every time you trip over uneven pavement?

Free yourself. You goals are yours. Even when the most attractive doors close.

The no’s will only help you grow.

It will keep a powerful pull in the pit of your stomach to get up and go.

Remember that even when you fall, you are still whole.

That is not by chance.

There is no such thing as luck. Only God’s timing and proper use of free will

Will you free yourself from the bonds of external expectations?

Accept the challenge. Shed that weight that is the wall between you and your ability to be great.

“No” is the magic word.

for determination.

Use it as fuel, but don’t forget to do it for you.



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Roses: Sonnet #3 – Nipped in the Bud


Photo cred: Kenneth Moss – @kmossphotography

Roses: Sonnet #3 – Nipped in the Bud

She used to be kind to you. Confide in you.

Cradled in your lies she would Run & hide in you.

Your empty words that filled her void with chilled poison

She used to say please and tiptoe on your thin ice. No more.

Once before she forgot to tread lightly

Fell through the frigid facade you so skillfully armed yourself with.

She hurt your feelings, “Your tears no longer phase me…”

She quietly attempted regurgitated the phrase she heard so often.

She was frozen. But No more.

In her fight to be accepted, needed by you,

She was blinded in a blizzard of “you’ll never be anyone”s and “you are miserable”s

And…even when she was frost bitten to the bone she allowed it…out of “respect”. But No more.

Even though she was about two seconds close to bleeding her last drop of warmth, she allowed it. No more.

For a while she believed in the saying “Blood is thicker than water.”

When she realized…she’d rather drown than bleed out from your ice pick in her back.


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Rose: Sonnet #1

In the Garden

In the garden, hands pat fresh soil around a seed.

Just a little water, feed, and overtime…

A bud sprouts, surrounded by family of weeds.

Pluck the weeds. Just a little water, feed and overtime…

Time passes and a rose struggles to blossom.

It’s a little dull. Just a little more water, feed, and…

A browned petal falls from the, now, tall stem.

Just a little more water, feed, and…

Love. For him. For her.

The remaining petals regain their radiance. The beauty is undeniable.

Just a little more…

Hands pat fresh soil. She is viable now. The gardener turns to walk away.

Perfect. No need to stay.

In the garden, she speaks.

My love. I am ready.

My love. Take me with you.


Happy Valentines Day!

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I walked along the grass line

Looking back at the pavement behind me

Heated, relentless, disrespectful concrete.

Locomotive along the tree line

Tears sting my eyes, forcing themselves out

Running, trying to seal a bleeding heart.

Exhaustion sets in.

I sink to my knees, struggling to erase overwhelming doubt

You have a duty my child. 

Running again, but now welcoming the firmness off the pavement before me.

He waved a hand, and the wind kissed my cheeks

Dried the fire rolling down my face.

Man down….man up. Woman up…woman down.

Do not allow scum from hell cause you to press pause…

On yourself.

You have a duty my child. Speak it. Be it, or leave it. Claim your crown.


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Life is not free

So quickly can it be taken from me. No reimbursement or early disconnection fees

From the cell towers I hear the echo in the streets. White vans and stained seats

I wonder what he was thinking When his spirit finished sinking

To oblivion

Just a text before it was done

What can I do to lay with the sun

Never look directly into the light

until you’re ready to fight. It shines in front of closed eyes

fear keeps them shut to their purpose.

Many of us who face the plight we call life.

We need fresh air…walk outside to try and breathe but see…

Out there I can still hear the echos in the streets

The vibrations in my sleep. I can still see the white van and stained seat.

Pierced a hole in my soul. No hopes of ever being whole


Pierced a hole in my soul. I hope I am made whole


Lord please forgive my sins for I am angry.

I envy them all when they’re still able to crawl and cry into daddy’s shirt, play dress up in mommy’s skirt. Sit in daddy’s game day chair. No worries cuz he always there.

He and I were a great pair.


So open and closed, but close .I shared my very soul. It filled me with such comfort. Encouraged me to keep pushing through strong winds and shady kin.

Keep steps to success discreet and strike when they are sleeping on me.

The echo through the streets, and upon a clean seat

Sat a picture of me, in the hands of the one finally at peace.

In my dreams the light cradles me slow. Speaks of being free, but dangles the keys out in front of me.

Daddy can I go?

Daddy, let go.

Please let me go.

Let go.

Let go.










The Great Divide

The Great Divide.

Students…take a seat and

Let us partake in…words

How do we define peace/ when our

Levels of stress can only be relieved with our skin caressed in sweat

When does the struggle subside?

You see, the truth lies in the lies in the eyes of politicians and the dispositions of society to oppress

We dehydrate in the fire, forced to drink our tears to survive

Most hide behind the lines of the Great Divide

Take it back to the purple, black, and white folk

Words of folklore derived from our purple black and white ancestors. The Great Divide

So how do we define peace? Who really, is the ally?

Through rhythms, rhymes and haikus; Shakespeare sonnets and melodies

All granted by the hands of God himself, to bridge the gap. The Great Divide

Music as art, art as war, war as a hindrance to all innocence

Art as music, as war must commence in our struggle to stop the struggle

To achieve the peace

Break it into pieces, call it …words.

Use it to paint tapestries that lick the stature of the Mona Lisa. Resting point

At the Great Divide

Words as art, art as music trickle down from the top of the cranium, and kick off the tips of a pen onto

A rhythmic canvass, like morning dew in the sweetest meadows of Greece. Peace. In the Great Divide

In the mind of an artist, of a dreamer, there is such word as retire

Retire to the prison

Prisoners within walls of fire, that is, the walls of the edge of our desires

When we find ourselves between these rocks and other hard places, we search for embraces only to

find empty spaces

Ironically, we can find peace behind its own definition which so happens to be

The lack of hesitation as a single nation, under God

That is, HE who is the motivation, up high where stress is no threat

Up high is the direction to aim. To the other side of the middle of the Great Divide

Just when the struggle to battle the struggle subsides, consistency has a tendency to die

Common passersby call it cries, we call it…words. So we continue to drink our tears to survive

Walk through the wastelands left by man.

Art as music, music as war, and war as a challenge

Music as war as art as poetry. Call it…words


After thought: What are some things you can take from this poem? How do you think the fight for social/racial/gender equality is going? Are you a soldier in that fight?

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Rhythm and Blues: Tyrese Got The Juice

So I woke up a few mornings ago to find that I had left my Spotify on my computer on repeat. Before I arose from my slumber I dreamed that I would come home to a beautiful chocolate man who had made my favorite, hardy meal: goulash. I walked further into my home to observe the poured glasses of Carlo Rossi Sangria aside the party size jug,(yeah the one from Walmart) and tiny white candles illuminating the hallway.

Upon my entrance, there was no man to be seen or heard. I only heard these words being echoed in perfect pitch against the house walls:

I can’t get you off my mind

Thinking of you all the time

Hoping that you call; going through withdrawal

You stop dealing with me…it’s like the sky falls

I thought “oh I’m here boo. Just show yourself.” I followed the trail of tea lights to the bathroom. I open the door and the scent of my Polish bath salts graze my nose. As the steam clears, I turn the corner to find a full tub of water.

Chocolate feet…knees…thighs…

I can’t get you off my mind. Thinking of you all the time

I roll over to my custom alarm to punch the snooze button that ruined my life with the wrath of God.

Tyrese Gibson serenaded me that morning, into 90s nostalgia. Tyrese, my first every celebrity crush, just killed the game upon the release of Black Rose his 6th and final album entitled:”Black Rose”


Tyrese Gibson holding Black Rose

For those unfamiliar with this beautiful man, Tyrese Gibson started off modeling and could not shake the feeling that he wanted to sing. He did just that and wound up with a self titled album that went platinum with the help of “Sweet Lady (enjoy here)” and “Lately“. Tyrese continued making music, but r&b was not getting it’s necessary shine, overshadowed by radio nonsense (that’s a different story). In 2013, Tyrese made a collaborative album with Genuine and Tank, other r&b geniuses. Tyrese got his first major acting role in the infamous “Baby Boy” as Jody and has also starred in the “Fast & Furious” series as “Roman Pearce”.

He is a man of many talents and I wanted to thank him for revamping the r&b sound after so many years of drought with true r&b stuff. Songs about love[making], relationships, and just life. “Black Rose” is a raw work of art that I appreciate so much and so differently from when I was a kid.

The album has 14 songs with only four songs with features. The featured artists include: Tank in “Prior to you” (I think this should be your next single Tyrese. Just sayin), Snoop Dogg in “Dumb Sh**”, and the slept on female artists, Brandy in “The Rest of Our Lives” and Chrisette Michele in “Don’t Wanna Look Back”.

One of my personal favs is Track No. 1 “Addict”. It features a sample from The Fugees classic, “Killing Me Softly”. (Where you at Lauryn Hill. We miss ya!) It is also the song in the quote from earlier. And big surprise its stuck in my head.

Tyrese is one of the few celebs that handle their own social media. He is very vocal on Facebook and expressed his feelings about his exposure, or lack thereof, on mainstream radio. His single, “Shame” reached number 1 on Billboard Adult R&B Songs and lingered a while. (Earned It by The Weeknd at #2…of course) He feels as though it could be bigger than that. I agree.

Overall, I only had to skip one song. It just so happens to be his single, “Shame”. Hear me out now…the song has only been played on Majic 102.1 49463412 times and I want to be able to still appreciate it. Mr. Gibson, “Black Rose” rocked my world. Preciate you.

So please, friends, creators and appreciators, go listen to “Black Rose” IN FULL. Bump it until it get’s stuck in your head. Support that man and pick up a copy from Walmart or something.

Without further ado, please allow young Tyrese serve you a Coca Cola jingle below.

Music has no race. No limits. No boundaries. – Tyrese Gibson (<– Click here for vid)

– Fly