Emotional Exhaustion : Hurricane Harvey

My brain and I-45 South was over capacity

To my family, to the people of south Texas, my thoughts are with you.

As I sit in the laundromat where slightly under privileged young adults in the Houston NRG area typically frequent, I realized there are more people here than usual. I come here almost weekly to see the same faces, but today I can’t help but wonder how many unfamiliar faces have totally lost their cars, homes, or loved ones to Hurricane Harvey.

Maybe their washers and dryers are just broken right now. Maybe their power is out. Maybe they just wanted to save water, I don’t know. I still can’t help but wonder…
I wonder if they had to scrape quarters from their damaged furniture or muddy vehicle consoles. I wonder if they came from the stadium down the street on foot with their laundry bag in tow. I wonder what they were doing while I sat comfortably in my grandmothers home with all my American luxuries (lights, water, a/c, food).

I wonder if they were able to watch as many hours of Disney movies and the news. I wonder if they heard about 136 tornado watch warnings obnoxiously blaring with sirens from their phones.

With every flash flood warning I trembled for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to flee the storm. Every 10 minutes I’d hear my grandmother call my name to “come and see”. I knew it would always be the same: images of Houstonians struggling to escape their half sunken vehicles, rescue boats, babies clinging to their parents, homes and vehicles totally submerged, and people on the verge of drowning.

From Friday night to Wednesday, I listened to family members tell my grandmother how all of their belongings were gone. I heard of my cousin being stuck on the freeway for days, trying to get home, only to return to soaked floors and misplaced furniture.


Image of I-610 Loop

Days ago, my neighborhood near Holly Hall, Cambridge, and 288 were rivers. It was so surreal to return to my home, with simple, minor water damage.
I didn’t care much about losing “stuff”, but I sit here, painfully privileged, thanking God for sparing my life through it all.

The tropical storm/Hurricane Harvey has washed away homes, cars, and responsibilities for 5 days straight. It has washed away my emotional capacity for my city. Today, my heart bleeds for Houston. I am mentally exhausted, but I pray those who have suffered find peace and relief. 

I can only imagine how “shook” many people along the coast are. This was an incredibly humbling experience for me. I hope that people will see the shear kindness of those in the city and the overwhelming amount of volunteers in relief efforts and be motivated to be better people.

Thank you to every one who traveled to our city from the north and even other states to help clean up the city.

To my family, to the people of south Texas, my thoughts are with you.



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