Roses: Sonnet #3 – Nipped in the Bud


Photo cred: Kenneth Moss – @kmossphotography

Roses: Sonnet #3 – Nipped in the Bud

She used to be kind to you. Confide in you.

Cradled in your lies she would Run & hide in you.

Your empty words that filled her void with chilled poison

She used to say please and tiptoe on your thin ice. No more.

Once before she forgot to tread lightly

Fell through the frigid facade you so skillfully armed yourself with.

She hurt your feelings, “Your tears no longer phase me…”

She quietly attempted regurgitated the phrase she heard so often.

She was frozen. But No more.

In her fight to be accepted, needed by you,

She was blinded in a blizzard of “you’ll never be anyone”s and “you are miserable”s

And…even when she was frost bitten to the bone she allowed it…out of “respect”. But No more.

Even though she was about two seconds close to bleeding her last drop of warmth, she allowed it. No more.

For a while she believed in the saying “Blood is thicker than water.”

When she realized…she’d rather drown than bleed out from your ice pick in her back.


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