Roses: Sonnet #2 -From the Concrete

Photo Credit 📷Kenneth Moss – kmossphotography


From the Concrete

City life and a semi country girl

Mimes her way through society

In this rugged man’s world

She attempts to avoid propriety

Unfortunately, some trait is always missing

Security. It’s not a cure she sees

As a way out of economic calamity

Save me!!! 

Screams following the whispers of her dreams.

Her team. Dismantled.

She must choose. Which necessity can she stand to lose?

Dignity. Pride. Heart. Drive. Safety.

She gains more responsibility, as if the world of weight on her shoulders wasn’t enough.

Debt. And by that I mean student loans

By an entity with a plan to loan her life lessons.

While she still pays for empty promise sessions with “the man”.


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