Roses: Sonnet #2 -From the Concrete

Photo Credit đź“·Kenneth Moss – kmossphotography


From the Concrete

City life and a semi country girl

Mimes her way through society

In this rugged man’s world

She attempts to avoid propriety

Unfortunately, some trait is always missing

Security. It’s not a cure she sees

As a way out of economic calamity

Save me!!! 

Screams following the whispers of her dreams.

Her team. Dismantled.

She must choose. Which necessity can she stand to lose?

Dignity. Pride. Heart. Drive. Safety.

She gains more responsibility, as if the world of weight on her shoulders wasn’t enough.

Debt. And by that I mean student loans

By an entity with a plan to loan her life lessons.

While she still pays for empty promise sessions with “the man”.


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Last minute Valentine’s Day: on a budget.

There you are. Sitting in the car, dreading getting out and going to your house.

Your significant other may be in there, or maybe not.

You forgot. It is February 14th.

Don’t worry about that, I got you. Play it off and put one of these last minute ideas together. It can even be just as last minute as this post:

#1 Relaxation Station

Listen. You’ve got a bath tub right? Get in there and run some water, pour in a ton of body wash for suds, and light some candles. Play your girl/guy their favorite songs. Bam. Valentine’s Day is conquered.

Extra: If you just so happen to have wine in the fridge, whip it out and pour some in your finest glass…even if it came from the dollar store.

#2 Game time

Should you be the type that has cards or board games laying around, this is perfect. Ask your bae to give you a second to “fix it up”. Write reasons you adore them, randomly on the face of cards.

Extra: Every time they smile, they take a shot…or they strip.

#3 Chef Bae

Choose a simple meal from Pinterest. Be sure you’ve got at least 80% of the ingredients, then improvise the rest. Offer to cook whatever your significant other wants, within reason. (click here for recipes). 

Extra: For every ingredient you’re missing, take a shot. Why not?

#4 Chef Bae Pt. 2 – Indoor picnic

During this time of year, night falls pretty early so last minute outdoor activity may be out of the question. Use the food you cooked as Chef Bae, but take it a step further: lay out your softest throw blanket/quilt on the floor, and set it up as if you would set a table. Add sturdy candles and try not to burn the house down.

#5 Minimalist – “We have no groceries or alcohol. I’m screwed.”

Cheapest option, write a love letter to your honey. Sit them down somewhere comfortable. Blindfold them.

Calm down. You don’t have to go all 50 Shades of bootleg.

Light a candle or play music lightly. Read the letter in your best, sensual voice. Do whatever arouses their senses. Whatever happens after that is all on you.

#6 Copy and Paste

Follow this link: I literally do not have the slightest idea what to write and I didn’t like any of the above ideas.  Refer to #5 Minimalist. Use this poem. You’re welcome.

Single? No worries. Copy and paste the linked poem into some DMs. Someone will bite.

#7 Receipts

If you have the funds, lie. Yes you waited until the last minute, but you already spoke to a photographer about photo shoot for the two of you. You are simply waiting on the photographer to verify availability.Your partner may or may not buy it, and you will have to commit afterwards.

Extra: Should you decide to roll with this option I’d suggest contacting Kenneth Moss via email You can also stop by his instagram: k.moss_photography


If you hate Valentine’s Day, that’s okay too. Turn your attention to your parents. Pay them a visit. If you’re single…don’t be discouraged. Take some of these ideas and treat yourself. After all, this day is about you.

Now get in there and pretend to have something planned!


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Rose: Sonnet #1

In the Garden

In the garden, hands pat fresh soil around a seed.

Just a little water, feed, and overtime…

A bud sprouts, surrounded by family of weeds.

Pluck the weeds. Just a little water, feed and overtime…

Time passes and a rose struggles to blossom.

It’s a little dull. Just a little more water, feed, and…

A browned petal falls from the, now, tall stem.

Just a little more water, feed, and…

Love. For him. For her.

The remaining petals regain their radiance. The beauty is undeniable.

Just a little more…

Hands pat fresh soil. She is viable now. The gardener turns to walk away.

Perfect. No need to stay.

In the garden, she speaks.

My love. I am ready.

My love. Take me with you.


Happy Valentines Day!

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I walked along the grass line

Looking back at the pavement behind me

Heated, relentless, disrespectful concrete.

Locomotive along the tree line

Tears sting my eyes, forcing themselves out

Running, trying to seal a bleeding heart.

Exhaustion sets in.

I sink to my knees, struggling to erase overwhelming doubt

You have a duty my child. 

Running again, but now welcoming the firmness off the pavement before me.

He waved a hand, and the wind kissed my cheeks

Dried the fire rolling down my face.

Man down….man up. Woman up…woman down.

Do not allow scum from hell cause you to press pause…

On yourself.

You have a duty my child. Speak it. Be it, or leave it. Claim your crown.


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