The Birth of MAW Supply: 1st official Pop Up Shop

MAW Day Party!

MAW Supply an online based, vintage inspired, boutique created a way for customers to see and feel their product at an event called #MAWDAYPARTY. Rachelle and Norman Clark, founders of MAW Supply clothing, hosted their first official Pop Up Shop event from 1 p.m to 6 p.m Saturday in Houston, TX.

Upon entry in the cozy venue, the pleasant sounds from their DJ for the day, Yobi Yobz , filled the air. Above the elevated stage the he stood on, the classic film, Raisin in the Sun played from a projector onto the wall. Directly in front of the stage, MAW Supply’s merchandise hung from metal racks, around a vibrant rugs and sectional couches.

No two pieces are alike and are hand-picked by Norman and Rachelle; they pride themselves on their passion.


Pop Up Shop set up

“We want every piece to have a story of its own,” Rachelle said. “We look for what’s comfy, functional, and are conversation starters. It’s a collection of pieces that no one else will have on.”

According to Rachelle, additional vendors were brought in by MAW to provide variety to the casual shopping experience. Just a few of those vendors were Ash.A Co (insta: love_ashaco) – a business founded by a couple dedicated to creating handmade jewelry from clay, La Verte Natural Bath and Body Company was in attendance and well equipped with samples of all natural, body creams and bath bombs.  Hindsight Bias, by Norman Clark of MAW, shared a rack with the women’s and men’s clothing of MAW.

Hindsight Bias, the extension of MAW, is currently comprised of 4 designs of thought provoking, printed T-shirts. Norman, present at the event, rocked a piece from his collection, which read, “Do not look at the negro. His earthly problems are ended.” It was an excerpt from an NAACP circular that included a photo of the 1920s lynching of Rubin Stacey. Norman explained that most shirts meant to express black pride are often cliché with sayings like “melanin” or an image of a power fist.


Ash. A Co’s African inspired necklaces

“They all look the same…I wanted to create a shirt that displays some of the darker truths about our history,” he said. “MAW is the happy and colorful side of this.”

All items on display were for sale. Hindsight Bias T’s were available for $25, but are also available online. Prices may vary. MAW Supply plans to do similar events in the future.

The Birth of MAW Supply

The Clarks set out to share their passion for fashion around 2012 when they met during their studies at Sam Houston State University. They enjoyed discovering unique pieces of clothing and reusing them to create an individual style. In other words, the two found a way to capitalize of their passion for thrifting. They then took those gems of high quality, and decided to put them up for sale to the public.

Fun fact: Rachelle and Norman were married earlier this year! Wish them well here.

Rachelle described how MAW, short for Man and Woman, became public in 2013:

“We both knew immediately that each of us wanted to be acknowledged for our individualism, and for sticking to who we are,” Rachelle said. “We notice the trends and it’s great to take note of, but we don’t let it drive our reason for doing this.”

For those unfamiliar with, or veteran level thrifters, MAW Supply is the place to find easily accessible gems. Their business model allows shoppers to skip skimming through isles of clothing at the thrift shop. As their saying goes, they “do the dirty work for you”.

The next step for MAW Supply is to eventually get a store front as their business continues to grow. As Rachelle says, “It does not stop here!”

For inquiries on their merchandise and updates on future events, please visit and check out their Instagram: MAW SUPPLY . Their products are also available on Esty.


Founders of MAW Supply Rachelle and Norman Clark #blackbusiness #blacklove

With love and light.


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