A little over ten years ago…

There was a pubescent girl who wore bell bottom jeans, k-swiss, and giant Tweety Bird t-shirts to school. This girl was a mere 12 or 13 years old, SUPER confused in life, in light of her recently changed mother. (that can be explained later) In these years she found she loved language arts, sketching, and doing other artsy things when she wasn’t caring for her now worthless beanie babies. She just wanted to get across the way to buy a kool cup from the candy lady, but after the dismissal bell, the skinny, pimple faced, weirdo was standing out in front of the school gates when a seemingly normal car pulled up and seemingly normal people got out of it. Today, we know one of those people as

Solange Knowles. first demo

Guys, it was SOLANGE KNOWLES passing out her demo to these regular kids, on a regular day, to a middle school tucked in a dead end of a street. That was a good 11 or 12 years ago. If Solange had looked me in my eye that day and told me, “Girl one day I’m going to be a high fashion goddess, featured in (your future fav magizine) Vogue, who will marry a music video director who is going to direct some of your absolute FAVORITE artists. Oh and my niece’s name will be Blue Ivy…CARTER,” I would probably just smile and say okay (I was super reserved). Seriously, I would not even be able to grasp that concept.

The point is, guys, my tea has gone cold. I made hot green tea with lemon and honey and sat here thinking about all the crap I have gone through and what it has all molded me to be. And my freakin tea is cold. I thought back over the past 10 years and cannot BELIEVE the things I’ve seen.

In my first real interview with a supervisor from the civil courts in downtown Houston I was presented with the infamous (occasionally irritating) question ,”Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? How about in the next 10?” Could I have told that supervisor, “Ma’am I’m going to go ahead and say that I will have gone to, aced, and graduated college. I will have stepped foot on European soil, zip lined, and canoed. I will have stopped using relaxers, and I will become a women of many hats. I will have seen Common, and John Legend in concert and CRIED at both, but I will not be here. Sorry.”

I don’t remember what I actually told her, but I’m sure I was not sure of myself, not even 50% sure. Probably made up some lie I learned in the 5489741 job fairs I had gone to by that time.

For the 90s babies, guys, we survived Y2K. We got to experience a small taste of Bill freakin Clinton. Bush. The Obamas have been in the White House for most of our politically aware lives. Pluto was, then wasn’t, then was a planet again. PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Aaliyah, Left-Eye, *NSNYC, the Lion King, Family Matters, dial- up internet, T9 texting, razor scooters. Oh lawd the list goes on.

So much nostalgia, I just can’t think straight.

Anyway, I can’t predict the next ten years, but in my next interview if I am asked that question, I will be forced to try. I will be happy. Hopefully I’ll have a son and/or daughter. I’ll be married. I’ll be swimming in cash from all the senseless hustling that will take place at whatever job I have, and IF I have a mixtape or something beforehand, I’ll tell some 12 year old girl that she is amazing and amazing things will happen for her as I casually hand her said mixtape. She’s just gotta take it one day at a time.

Creators, appreciators…some day, some one will remember a day we cross their paths and say, wow…is that really him/ her now? Nah. That disbelief, that shock, and that pride will one day belong to someone in YOUR honor. S/o to Solange for her third Puma collection “Word To The Woman” (view here), and being awesome and saying hi to me that day.

With love and light,


The least embarassing picture of (L) Me (R) Baby sister Kayla back in the day.

The least embarassing picture of (L) Me (R) Baby sister Kayla back in the day.


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