Many Hats

“Slow news day huh?” a man said to me as I approached him with my camera and notepad in hand.

Granted…it could have indeed been a slow news day, however, I wanted to say,”Sir do you want me to cover what you’ve got going on or not?” Common tact would be to say something a little nicer than that. I simply responded to him, “I could be, but I’m just here to talk about you and learn about your story.” We then became submerged in the activity at hand. And don’t get me wrong, by no means am I saying “oh you have nothing going on anyway, be lucky I’m here to hear about it.”

In light (or darkness) of what has been going on in the political world and what has been being portrayed, I am aware that it’s hard to believe that any journalist genuinely care about what they report on, but I’m here to tell ya that we exist!

This is as much as I can give away about the story I went to cover. Cool huh?

This is as much as I can give away about the story I went to cover. Cool huh?

People who want to ACCURATELY write about the community. I am the type of journalist who feels that, the most important entity in any community is the people that it is made of.

People bring personality, testimonies, and even economic growth to areas that other wise would be dried up and well…boring. There are hundreds of organizations out there that only few know about, that deserve to have some

I see you!  (I’ll explain this reference to you guys later)

I’m here to lift up all the alchemist out there. Let “can’t” be abolished from your vocabulary when it comes to your dreams. Let’s fly. But first we gotta walk.



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