Max and Zach’s Vapor Shop

This particular article was written, once again, by myself (Fly) in honor of an upcoming vapor shop in Baytown. Enjoy!

Push Back in Mont Belvieu: Max and Zach’s to open new location

Publish in The Baytown Sun


E-cigs at Max and Zach’s Vapor Shop

Recently celebrating their one year anniversary of their Baytown location, Max and Zach’s Vapor Shop is the preparing to open a new location in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

Once open, it will be Max and Zach’s third location and will be named Max and Zach’s Express. It will have about 80 percent the stock of the Baytown location. The second location in Crosby is not as busy as the Baytown location, but it appeals to the customers from Crosby. Owner of Max and Zach’s, Zach Jones, says they experienced a bit of resistance from the city about opening the third location in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

During the time of the Baytown shop opening the city was going through the process of trying to ban smoking indoors and the sale of “incense”. In section 14-21 of Article II of Mont Belvieu’s city ordinance on environmental concerns, vapor indoors could be a nuisance to the public, otherwise defined as “a result of its existence…[may] negatively affect the health, safety, and well being of the residents, citizens and inhabitants of the city.” Zach set out to free Max and Zach’s of the stigma that vapor qualifies at a nuisance to the public by speaking at a city council meeting in Mont Belvieu.

In short, the city was under the impression that Max and Zach’s was meant to be a smoke shop, home of tobacco, rolling papers, and other smoking paraphernalia, possibly including “legal” or synthetic marijuana products.

The people who bought the Mont Belvieu location were interested in opening a smoke shop that would sell all these things were shut down when the city found out. They, in turn, feared that Max and Zach’s would be the same sort of party. They were mistaken. Zach had to speak to three city officials and at a city council meeting to explain what his company was about.

Max and Zach’s Vapor Shop team – Left to Right: Zach Jones (Owner), Jordan Horner, Max Jones, Chris Gaffney, Brandon Hill, Cassandra Chandler.

“When smoking a cigarette, burning it creates 3 to 4,000 new chemicals that are not present with vapor,” said Zach Jones. “[Vapor] is sort of like when you boil water; it produces steam, or vapor. With e cigarettes there is no combustion, just the heating of a chemical that produces vapor.”

According to Jones, many studies have been done for and against vapor, but none have proved it to be particularly harmful or full of cancerous toxins like the contents of cigarette smoke.

According to Zach, some would enter the store looking for tobacco products and end up becoming one of their regulars who managed to quit smoking and turn to vaping. Many of his regular customers drive from Mont Belvieu to Baytown for their vaping needs. One of Max and Zach’s faithful customers, James Hudson said he passes up all the other shops to get to Max and Zach’s.

“Everyone here knows what their talking about. I bypass all the shops that have popped up to get here,” said Hudson. “Other places are like coffee shops, where the owners sit all high and mighty and don’t want to be bothered with the Customers.”

Max and Zach’s also offers somewhat of after sale counseling which entails answering any questions a customer may have about e-cigarettes.

“Quitting cigarette smoke is harder for some people than others,” said Zach Jones. “With e-cigs you still get the nicotine, but you won’t harm yourself doing it.”

A little over a year has passed since the opening of the original Max and Zach’s in Baytown and a few other smoke and vapor shops have sprung up. Zach Jones

Max (Owner - Max and Zach's Vapor Shop

Max (Owner – Max and Zach’s Vapor Shop

feels that another shop in Mont Belvieu would make it harder for the competition.

As a former worker of a popular vapor shop called “Smokers Angels” in the United Kingdom and current, Zach Jones is an advocate for electronic cigarettes and against tobacco smoke. He himself had been a smoking almost 20 cigarettes a day for years before discovering vapor. He has quit and only smokes e-cigarettes.  His story is similar to his brother and business partner Max Jones.

“When our dad passed away from what we think is 99% because of smoking cigarettes, I felt the need to help others quit smoking,” said Max Jones. “It helps people. We’ve already helped thousands quit. I’ve quit as well.”

Max also said they have been looking around the Atascocita, Texas for a possible fourth location. There may be a possibility to open a shop in San Antonio in the future as well.

The Baytown location (4506 Garth Road, Baytown, TX) is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. Keep a heads up on their new location by visiting the Max and Zach’s Facebook page. There will be a grand opening party for Max and Zach’s Express sometime in June. Max or Zach can be reached at 281-739-4935.

UPDATE: Mont Belvieu Location:  (9529 N Hwy 146, Baytown, Texas, 77521)

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