How Fly was born

Below, I’ve posted the original article that I sent off to be published in a magizine. It was not published, but it is when I first came up with the concept of my pen name. Soon I will post the meaning of fly in “How it feels to Fly”. Enjoy!

About a year ago on this day, a quiet girl, turned outspoken, introverted extrovert, graduated from Sam Houston State University with only three friends at her after party.

You may be thinking. Poor girl, she must have been lame. I will tell you, she wasn’t the most popular, but she had learned the lesson of gains and losses in her five years of college. This girl was a mixed breed, one who many people love to call weird. If you often hear the same thing, you may understand the information I am about to provide.

I went to school with the same goal in mind as most 17 year olds: to eventually become successful and after class… PARTY PARTY PARTY! Now, this is pretty normal right? I failed out of math 3 times, had a walk of shame or two. Also pretty normal.

I soon came to realize that I had a habit of befriending people who would probably never befriend each other. I realized that I may be a friendship swinger. I needed variety. I’ve always been a diverse thinker and I assumed that everyone could and should be the same. My bubble was burst so quickly! I was fighting fired with a can of hairspray.

Have you ever tried to go to a party with a person who only likes country music, and a person who mainly listens to heavy metal and gangster rap? Great. Do not attempt this. These two friends of yours may feel entirely uncomfortable and awkward with each other, but great with you. Have you ever accidentally befriended your best friend’s boyfriend’s “other woman”? Excellent. NEVER attempt this. Someone is bound to get hurt. You want details now right? I’ve got you covered.

Some college experiences will never leave your memory. One that affected me the most was having to choose between the company I kept most often. As a friendship swinger I learned very quickly that things can get a bit sticky. In protection of everyone’s identity, things are about to get weird. Let me explain.

There once was a student named “Fly, on the wall” who was best friends with “Spider, in the corner”. The two were an unlikely pair; One was more “urban” than the other. Spider had a man Fly whom she was madly in love with. Spider found that man Fly enjoyed spending his time outside of her web.

Stay with me now.

One day, Fly was befriending other unlikely friends as usual, when she found herself at an after party in the dorm room of a special insect, “Lady Bug, in the sky”. They buzzed and buzzed the latest gossip about the flyest guys on the yard. They found they both listened to almost every genre of music and proceeded to jam out into the wee hours of that morning. They admired each other and soon became much like sisters. Fly and Lady Bug had begun spent a lot of time with each other.

In a gossip session about the flyest and not so flyest classmates, Spider mentions this “ladylove” who goes around taking everyone’s man. When back in her own dorm room, Fly recalled the “ladylove” and thought, “Could Spider have been talking about my Lady Bug?” That couldn’t be right, but Lady Bug may have mentioned a man Fly before? Nah. Fly asked Lady Bug about a man Fly. Lady Bug went into an elaborate story of a man Fly who only recently told her that he may have had a girlfriend. Lady Bug enjoyed the man Fly’s company. So Fly, on the wall did the math and assumed that this is indeed “ladylove”. But Fly loved Lady Bug dearly. Spider would understand she thought.

Spider found out that Fly had been friends with and continued to be friends with Lady Bug and became angry. Spider and Fly’s friend ship had become a distant memory after an attempt to get Lady Bug and Spider at the same party. Fly was sad to have lost Spider’s friendship, but had gained the beautiful, free spirited Lady Bug.

Moral of the story is, friends can be catty jealous in friendship swinging. When you flip the page, remember to friendship swing at your own risk.

With love and light,



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