Walk with me

It’s taken me a while, but I have finally arrived. I have emerged from my cocoon of self loathing and endless pity party marathon to tell yall (yes I’m from the south) that whatever it is that you are going through…that too shall pass! Anyway, my government name is not important here. My voice however, is a substantial part of who I am. That voice’s name is Fly.

Tip toeing in my wedges

Tip toeing in my wedges

Fly has an extensive background in language arts and is heavily influenced by her journalistic training. Fly is one who stands for the underdog, the social alchemists. Fly is one who enjoys all forms of art, especially by those who are over shadowed by society’s norms. Fly has full intentions to share with the world innovative creations as well as the light and darkness from the crevices of her heart.

I’m done referring to my voice in the third person, I promise. After all, it’s me. I bet some folks are trying to figure out why I chose the title I did. For the sake of brevity, I will try to explain without writing a novel.

If you haven’t read The Alchemist by now, I encourage it. Go buy it…it’s like 15 bucks on Amazon. I thought of the title after watching an interview with Will Smith where he explains the significance of the symbolism in that book.

“Two plus two equals four. Two plus two only equals four if you accept that two plus two equals four….I can create what ever I want to create. An alchemist is basically a mystical chemist. They can turn lead into gold.”

After reading this book and binge watching one of my favorite animes for about the 20th time I had decided that what ever it is that I want I will do my best to speak it into existence. I will mold it. Get mad at it. Tear it up and start all over again. I will turn my lead into gold. I’m here to tell you, that you too can be an alchemist. By the grace of God there is something in me and in all of us, that we can use to change the world. Use that talent to create something out of nothing.

In this blog, my new baby, I will further show this symbolism and show you guys as I learn myself, how to be successful at alchemy. So simply, the recipe for alchemy is to start creating. Thanks to everyone in advance for contributing and inspiring me to push forward. Til next time,


I am a work in progress and always will be.

Feel free to reach out with suggestions, tips, and/or love!

IG: @kiz_nichole| Email: kafee1867@gmail.com | Twitter: @kiz_nichole | Facebook: kizzie.frank


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